What Tyres For My Car

Want to find out which tyres will fit to your car by a number plate? Looking for a new tyres or wheels to your vehicle ? Use our tool to check a proper tyre size by a

Until we need to change them, most us don’t think about the tyres on our cars. And when that moment arrives, it can be quite a shock. For the

This is your tyre size – you need to take a note of this to make sure you get the correct size of tyre to fit your vehicle. 215 is the width in millimetres of the tyre’s cross-section. 55 is the ‘aspect ratio’ – the ratio of the sidewall height to the tyre’s cross-section width.

With thousands of tyres available, choosing the right tyre for your vehicle and individual driving needs may seem daunting. Here is a guide to the different tyres

Looking For The Right Tyre Size For Your Car, Motorcycle or Truck? Try Bridgestone’s Handy Tyre Size Calculator to Find Tyres By Size and Vehicle.


Walmart Trailer Tires

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Two Trailer Tires & Rims 4.80-12 480-12 4.80 X 12 12″ LRB 4Lug Wheel Trailer Tire + Rim ST205/75D15 F78-15 205/75-15 15″ LRC 5 Lug Wheel Silver Mod.

Hi Run ST Radial Boat Trailer Tire with Wheel Assembly ST205/75R15 6 Ply-5L * Tire and Wheel assembly only, no additional parts included. Sold & Shipped

Pre-Mounted Trailer Tires & Wheels; 2-Pack Trailer Tires & Rims Bias Ply 530-12 Load B 5-4.5″ White Spoke 12″; Tire Size: 530-12; Aspect Ratio: 12; Section

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Walmart Tire Disposal

Ordering Tires Online Tire Taxes and Fees. State Environmental Tax: In addition to sales tax, many states Tires Returns Policy. Most tires that have never

Includes tire mounting, valve stems/TPMS service pack, lifetime balance and rotation every 7,500 miles and 50-mile lug re-torque. Additional $10 per tire fee applies to tires not purchased at Walmart or Walmart.com (fee will be applied to tires purchased on Walmart Marketplace).

Dennis Kerber is happy to take old, used tires and convert them into massive rubber fenders for tugboats. That’s where companies like Portland-based Tire Disposal & Recycling Inc. enter the picture. Tire retailers such as Les Schwab, Costco, Sears, Wal-Mart, Goodyear and Firestone

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Tire disposal & recycling regulations vary so click here to learn about local drop Find out how the world’s largest retailer, Walmart, partnered to recycle its tires

If you are about to buy new tires, these tips can help you save the most. $3.50 per tire disposal fee; Walmart: $12 per tire installation fee