Breast Cancer Research & Support Fund Make A Difference Toward People Health

Did you know what Breast Cancer Research & Support Fund is? It refers to an organization to support women with breast cancer. They do many things such as research on breast cancer prevention and cure. They believe that their group will help people around the world with research and charitable programs. Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) is one of them. Their motto is “working to achieve prevention and a cure for breast cancer”.

It is founded in 1993 by Evelyn H. Lauder in New York. They work to make the world better by helping people. Provide innovative research,  especially for breast cancer and distribute it to the entire world, give them knowledge and awareness of good breast health. They work with transparency,  performance. All financial data and others are displayed on their website that everybody can see it.

What Does BCRF Offer?

If you are the patient of breast cancer, you will get some benefits from Breast Cancer Research & Support Fund. The most important if you get cancer is a help. They are the right way to get all you need. It is including:

  • Prevent and cure. They offer a research program to help people around the world to make them aware of breast cancer. They also offer the way to prevent and cure its cancer.
  • Charity programs. With charity programs, the people around the world will get knowledge and treatment supplies of breast cancer freely.
  • Full support. They give full support for the cancer patient and survivor to get a better life.
  • New hope. With research, they bring new hope to people around the world. They come with some innovations in breast cancer research.
  • Trusted with high ratings. If you want to donate to this organization, you will be no worry because this is trusted. They got 4-star ratings from charity navigator.
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Make A Difference With BCRF?

Making the people around the world to be happier and healthier is now easy in BCRF. To be a contributor or donor to achieve that thing you will need to read the donor privacy policy below:

Donors have expressed extreme concern about the use of their personal information by charities and the desire to have this information kept confidentially. Pay attention to the following policy:

  • This charity will not share or sell personal information of a donor.
  • It will only share or sell it if there is permission from its donor
  • The charity enables donors to tell the charity to remove their contact and personal information from lists the charity sells or shares. It is according to the donors.
  • If the person (donors) doesn’t have a written donor privacy, the privacy policy in place to defend their donors’ individual information, or the current policy does not meet the standards.
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In addition, if you are going to contribute to charity to help people with cancer try to choose Breast Cancer Research & Support Fund which offers quality and full of service. Another thing that should be considered is the trusted organization. If it is trusted, you will be right there. Your charity will help to improve research toward breast cancer.

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