A Big Question in Folks; Does Johnson Baby Powder Cause Cancer?

Does Johnson Baby Powder Cause Cancer? There are many cancers cases that caused by some cosmetic products. Those products may contain much of chemical substances which are very dangerous for human in long-term using. The recent issues come to the baby powder products. According to the data, those are containing talcum powder.

What is talcum powder? Talcum powder is made from talc, a mineral composed of some elements like magnesium, silicon, and oxygen. The function of this talcum powder is to absorb moisture and cut down on friction, it is useful to keep skin dry and help to prevent rashes. This product is usually used as a baby powder and adult body and facial powder. But once again, Does Johnson Baby Powder Cause Cancer?

Johnson Baby Powder Is Unsafe?

Johnson baby powder becomes so popular among people around the world. This product is widely used and applied not only to the baby but also the adult. But the big question is about causing cancer, Johnson Baby Powder. In fact, in August 2017 ovarian cancer case appeared to the public.

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A woman in America named Eva Echeverria claimed that she got ovarian cancer because of regularly applying of Johnson baby powder as feminine hygiene purpose. She started using this powder when she was 11 and now she is 63 years old. Because of that, Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay more than £323 million to a woman.

In addition, there is a similar case from another woman called Deborah. She suffered ovarian cancer because of Johnson baby powder. But, the answer is unclear because Johnson & Johnson always refuted the claim that its talcum powder is unsafe.

Talcum Powder and Cancer

Not all the powder products can be associated with cancer causal. In fact, some talc contains asbestos, the substances that can cause cancer in the lung. It means the product which doesn’t contain asbestos or talcum powder with free asbestos is safe. Pay attention to what possible link between talcum powder and cancer below:

  • People who have exposure in a long time with natural talc fibers at work are the higher risk of lung cancer because of inhaling them.
  • Women who apply talcum powder regularly to its genital area have a higher risk of ovarian cancer. Based on studies, talcum powder is possible to cause cancer if the powder particles travel through the reproduction organ, uterus, and fallopian tubes to the ovary.
  • To the other cancers, talcum powder is still not strongly linked. It is still in research.
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Does Johnson Baby Powder Cause Cancer? The answer is possible yes because of two cases showed above. But it is still confusing. This should be studied more and more. According to the fact, baby powders from Johnson & Johnson are still widely on the market. You can find it near you. As for advice, you may decrease or stop at using this product to prevent bad effect in the future. Never apply it on your genital area despite for the baby. The powder maybe safe in short usage but in long-term usage, it can increase the risk factor for cancer.

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